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What are the different ways of cutting dust cloth?
News Information CenterTime2015-04-25 12:33:01

1 edge (Leng Caijian): mainly through electric scissors cut, the cutting edge is easy to produce dander, and do notclean after cutting processing, the process of cleaning the edge will produce a large number of cloth, nocleanliness. Not recommended for general use.

2: laser cutting by laser instantaneous high temperature fusing edge, better not Diaomao crumbs, cutting and cleaning can be finished with the net cleaning, so that products meet the high standards. The disadvantage is that the clean edge is broken because of melting so slightly a little hard, wipe the attention in the process is not whatproblem in general, the current market is 75% using this edge way.

3: Department of ultrasound edge by ultrasonic vibration group (Zhen Zi) (produced by vibration to electrical energy into mechanical energy), HORN (head) after heat transfer, then break through the fabric cutter extrusion,the edge is one of the most perfect way in the current clean cloth cutting edge, edge effect is good and not hard,but the cutting cost is too high, so now only a small part of the strength of the enterprise will choose. The marketshare is about 15%.