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An overview of the use and cleaning mask
News Information CenterTime2015-04-25 12:32:16

You need to replace the mask

1 masks by pollution such as blood stained or respiratory and other foreign bodies

2 users feel breathing resistance becomes large.

3 mask damage


Dust filter, mask and use face seal outstanding cases, when users feel very high respiratory resistance, clarify on the filter cotton has been attached with dust particles, probably for the new


Gas filter box, mask and use closed the door of outstanding cases, when use poison smell taste, then new

The mask should not be worn temporarily

From the perspective of human physiological layout, because human nasal mucosa blood circulation is very strong, in the nasal cavity and a curved channel, constructs a filter nose barrier

"When the air inhaled, air flow in the curved channel form a vortex, the inhalation of nasal airflow by heating. Some tests indicate, the minus 7 degrees centigrade

The cold air through the nose inhaled into the lungs, the air has been heated to 28.8 DEG C, which is very close to the people

Body temperature. If temporarily wearing masks, can make the nasal mucosa become weak, lost the originalphysiological function of the nasal cavity, it is not a long time wearing masks. Wearing masks only in special circumstances, such as in many people, not the local air circulation. Of course, to walk, to resist wind and cold, orin air pollution, the demand in masks but the time should not be too long. In addition, flu season, public places to be able to have many pathogenic bacteria, should also wear a mask. Only one of the masks to prevent pollution inthe respiratory tract, the most important and maintain a good living habits.

Mask cleaning

The outer mask normally accumulates a lot of outside air dust, bacteria and other contaminants, and blockingbacteria, saliva, and exhaled, cannot be replaced by double, or will be infected in outer dirt directly to the facewhen inhaled, and become the source of infection. Do not wear masks in, should be folded into the cleaningenvelope, and close to the mouth side to avoid arbitrarily folded in his pocket or hung on the neck.

If the masks are hot breath or saliva wet, the isolation effect will be greatly reduced. So, a lot of the most prepared several masks to replace the usual use, should be a daily change. Washing should be scalded with boiling water

5 minutes.