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Superfine fiber dust cloth has what function?
News Information CenterTime2015-04-25 12:26:51

Because of its ultra strong structure for dust maximum effect.

1.Multi-shavingeffect (multiple scraping effect): a thick single fiber such as the ultra fine root can become hundreds of fine fiber, such as wiping cloth, microfiber cloth can generally have more heavy scraping effect.

2.Wide-contacteffect (wide area of contact effect): General for coarse fiber, bending rigidity, the contact area ofthe fabric and floating objects so small, and small bending rigidity and soft microfiber (silk) contact area so the fabric and the floating objects, wipe and strong.

3.Inner-trapeffect (internal peeling effect): wiping cloth is made of super fine fiber, blowing in the dirt, dirt along thecapillary channel fiber to migration, in effect of internal peeling, so the dirt can not wipe the residual surface cloth,thus causing scratches extremely sophisticated products will not.

The characteristics of:

1 long service life, super absorbent (silk), the use will not cause surface wear.

2 less fallout, ion release less polished than wiping cloth, usually more than 10 times.

3 by four laser edge, the cloth is different from the general heat sealing, ultrasonic sealed edge, wipe the fiber dustthan the general heat sealing, ultrasonic cleaning cloth less edge.